Extra MSA Group is committed to making a £45m upfront investment in a state-of-the-art Motorway Service Area (MSA) at Junction 35 of the M1. Extra intends to deliver the MSA in a way that generates significant benefits to a wider area across North East Sheffield. 

Investing in Sheffield’s Green Infrastructure

The primary purpose of Sheffield Services is to satisfy a road safety need along one of the UK’s busiest stretches of Motorway but it is also about encouraging inward investment, job creation and healthier living. Of central importance, Sheffield Services will help bring forward up to 600 acres of Woodland to create the Chapeltown Community Woodlands.

The Chapeltown Community Woodlands would be:

  • A large-scale area of up to 600 acres of new and existing Woodland that would be managed sustainably over a minimum period of 50 years through the upfront and ongoing investment generated by Sheffield Services.
  • Connected via a series of new and existing footpaths and trails which will link to other footpaths within the City of Sheffield.
  • Close by to 100,000 local residents and 15 schools in North Sheffield and Rotherham, giving people access to extensive, high-quality outdoor space.

In particular, this delivery of Sheffield Services will:

  • Improve road safety along one of the UK’s busiest stretches of Motorway.
  • Create some 400 jobs during the construction period.
  • Create up to 300 new permanent operational fulltime equivalent jobs.
  • Generate £1m in Business Rates per year.