Chapeltown Community Woodlands

Sheffield Services will be the economic driver for the long-term protection and proactive management of up to 600 acres of Woodland – the Chapeltown Community Woodlands. Our focus is on working with partners to create this sustainable and permanent environmental asset for the whole of the City to enjoy, but which particularly benefits communities in North East Sheffield. 


The Impacts and Benefits

The creation of Sheffield Services does require the use of around 20 acres of existing Woodland that forms part of Smithy Wood. It is designated as Ancient Woodland and is within the Green Belt. We have undertaken extensive surveys and adopted an informed designed approach to minimise loss of Woodland and avoid the development of the most sensitive areas.

The area affected is sandwiched between the M1 Motorway and Smithy Wood Business Park and constitutes about 3% of the wider Chapeltown Community Woodlands that will come under our 50-year beneficial Woodland management strategy.

Delivery of our beneficial Woodland management plans are more than an ambition. The funding that would be provided in conjunction with Sheffield Services has been approved by Extra’s Investment Committee. We recognise that local people and stakeholders will rightly want to hold us to our word. We are committed to putting in place a legally binding structure and S106 Agreement that will irrevocably ‘lock in’ the initial and long-term investment in the Chapeltown Community Woodlands.

Guaranteeing Wider Benefits

How we propose to guarantee these benefits is set out in a comprehensive Strategic Benefits Plan (SBP) that will form the basis for further discussion with the City Council and other stakeholders.

The SBP proposes a management structure that enables Extra and other Partners to work together to enhance and re-vitalise the Chapeltown Community Woodlands. More importantly, it will have a contractually secure and viable 50-year funding commitment specifically tied into the operation of Sheffield Services. From our research to date, this is the first time that a long-term, securely funded, single management strategy has been proposed for what is a 6km stretch of green infrastructure corridor in the North East of Sheffield.